Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to Have Its 38th Assembly in Medellin

Inter American Development BankBetween March 27 and 31, the Inter American Development Bank (IDB, BID in Spanish) will have its 38th assembly in Medellin. More than 4000 international bankers and experts are expected in the city.

This is yet the boldest statement how far Medellin has come along as far as safety and security is concerned. Just 10 years ago, nobody would have dreamt about having an event of that magnitude in a city which at that time was plagued by bombings, kidnappings and violence. 

The slogan IDB uses on it's website is "Medellin, The City Which Reflects The Transformation of Colombia".

With this event, the world will realize that Medellin has become a modern, safe and thriving city! For more information about IDB click here and for more information about the event in Medellin, click here.

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