Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fashion and Models: ColombiaTex in Medellin

Fashion and Models: ColombiaTex is in Medellin

Did you know that Medellin is the fashion capital of Colombia? Did you know that Medellin is also the model capital of Colombia? I would even go as far as stating that Medellin is the BEAUTY CAPITAL OF THE WORLD.

There is no city in the world where the number of models per capita is higher than in Medellin. There are beauty contests taking place all over the city all year long. Girls start participating in these beauty contests at the tender age of 14 or 15. Their biggest dream is to become one of the big models like Natalia Paris, who happens to be the most famous model in Colombia. The ones who are serious about realizing their dream typically work at the big fashion fairs like Colombia Moda or ColombiaTex which take place in Medellin once per year.

Even if you're not in the fashion industry, check out the beautiful girls at ColombiaTex. Make sure to bring your camera. The models love having their picture taken. You might even dare to ask them for their telephone numbers.... everything is possible in Medellin! You might end up flying home having a real model as a girlfriend.

Enjoy ColombiaTex and enjoy Medellin!

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  1. Colombian girls are not that easy, and they surely don't fly into the laps of extranjeros. Don't promote false stereotypes please.