Sunday, January 17, 2010

No, this is NOT Manhattan!

A client of mine visited me in Medellin the other day and, looking down from my balcony, he was all but astonished.

He told me: "I had no idea that they had things like, well, houses with more than 2 stories, good roads, all that stuff we call CIVILIZATION here in Colombia! Look at this! This resembles Manhattan more than anything!".

Well, it's not Manhattan. It's Medellin. More precicely, it's El Poblado, the most upscale part of Medellin. Specifically, it's the view from my apartment.

These photos show what my client saw when he made these comments. Astonished too? Is this how you had imagined COLOMBIA?


  1. Cool post. I have been watching the blog for awhile. I am Robin and I make The Arepa: Medellin's English magazine. Check it out, we have got a lot of great infomation about what is happening across the entire city:


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